Procurement Technical Assistance Center | at Ohio University

Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom From Counselors

I find myself consistently telling my clients: (1) “Make certain you are on a government website when

it’s your intent to work with a government entity.” (2) “It might be wise to contact your PTAC rep prior to

contracting with a bid search agency”. Tony

“You are not required to pay anything to get registered on a government website. If you are

considering paying for a registration, consider vetting that company to make sure they will

produce what is promised.” Sharon

“We have many stories to share where a company facing eventual decline and failure is making the

transition to success. It all starts with a contact with OU-PTAC.” Bill

“I rely on my fellow counselors to help me provide the in-depth and best advice possible. We are a

team of experts working for each and every company who asks for our help.” Shanda

“Our most successful companies have their ducks in a row when they first come to see us. We can help

them decide how best to package those ‘ducks’ and present them to the appropriate people.” Rich

“Don’t be put off by the ‘paperwork’. The result is totally worth it!”

“We work with the government. And we truly are here to help you!” Mike

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