Faculty in Biological Sciences


Biological Sciences
Dr. Robert Colvin in his lab

Robert A. Colvin

Professor & Chair colvin@ohio.edu Life Science Building 219
Bekka Brodie portrait in the woods

Bekka S. Brodie

Visiting Professor bb245315@ohio.edu Irvine 185
Ronan Carroll

Ronan Carroll

Assistant Professor carrolr3@ohio.edu Life Science Building 211
Lisa Crockett in winter gear for research

Lisa Crockett

Professor crockett@ohio.edu Wilson 103
Mitch Day

Mitchell Day

Assistant Professor daym1@ohio.edu Life Sciences Building 241

Ralph DiCaprio

Professor Emeritus dicaprir@ohio.edu Life Sciences Building 221
Janet Duerr in her lab with microscope

Janet Duerr

Associate Professor duerr@ohio.edu Life Science Building 221
Dr. Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster

Associate Lecturer rubens@ohio.edu Irvine 202
Molly Gurien

Molly Gurien

Senior Lecturer gurien@ohio.edu Irvine 175

R. Patrick Hassett

Associate Professor Emeritus hassett@ohio.edu Wilson 202

William R. Holmes

Professor holmes@ohio.edu Wilson 011

Donald Holzschu

Associate Professor holzschu@ohio.edu Life Sciences Building 239

Scott Hooper

Professor hooper@ohio.edu Wilson Hall West 013
Dr. Joseph Johnson

Joseph Johnson

Assistant Professor jjohnson@ohio.edu Irvine 310

Kelly Johnson

Associate Professor johnsok3@ohio.edu Wilson 101
Shawn Kuchta

Shawn Kuchta

Associate Professor kuchta@ohio.edu Life Science Building 233
Daewoo Lee against a wall of red bricks

Daewoo Lee

Professor leed1@ohio.edu Life Sciences Building 213

Anne Loucks

Professor loucks@ohio.edu Irvine 053A

Karen Mammone

Lecturer mammone@ohio.edu Irvine 058

Donald Miles

Professor milesd@ohio.edu Life Sciences Building 131
Stephanie Miller

Stephanie Miller

Lecturer Millers7@ohio.edu Irvine 056

Scott Moody

Professor Emeritus moody@ohio.edu Irvine 318
Molly Morris

Molly R. Morris

Professor morrism@ohio.edu Life Science Building 243
Corinne Nielsen

Corinne Nielsen

Assistant Professor nielsenc@ohio.edu

Ellengene Peterson

Professor Emerita peterson@ohio.edu Wilson 017
Dr. Viorel D. Popescu

Viorel Popescu

Assistant Professor popescu@ohio.edu Irvine 423

Stephen M. Reilly

Professor reilly@ohio.edu Life Science Building 129
Willem Roosenburg, in hat and yellow vest, holding a turtle

Willem Roosenburg

Professor roosenbu@ohio.edu Life Sciences Building 247

Jerome Rovner

Professor Emeritus rovner@ohio.edu

Michael Rowe

Professor Emeritus rowe@ohio.edu Wilson 013
Laura Saltman

Laura Saltman

Visiting Assistant Professor of Microbiology saltman@ohio.edu Irvine Hall 061

Christopher Schwirian

Senior Lecturer schwiria@ohio.edu Irvine 066

Sue Simon-Westendorf

Professor Emerita simonm@ohio.edu Irvine 185

Tomohiko Sugiyama

Associate Professor sugiyama@ohio.edu Life Science Building 223
Dr. Soichi Tanda

Soichi Tanda

Associate Professor tanda@ohio.edu Life Sciences Building 215

James Van Brocklyn

Visiting Assistant Professor vanbrock@ohio.edu Irvine 175
Nathan Weyand

Nathan Weyand

Assistant Professor weyand@ohio.edu Life Science Building 109
Matthew White

Matthew White

Professor whitem@ohio.edu Wilson West 201
Kelly Williams, looking down and wearing hat

Kelly Williams

Lecturer williak5@ohio.edu 430 Irvine Hall

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