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Policy is the common denominator of all of CE3’s projects. Whether the project is meant to analyze policies for a client or examine the potential implications of a policy on a prospective project, everything we do relates to the impacts of energy and environmental policies and regulations on Ohio. CE3 faculty, staff and students are well-versed in the policies that affect their subject areas of air, data, energy, land and water and how these topics overlap at every turn. Our extensive network of professional connections throughout the region enhances the work products we deliver to our diverse set of clients and stakeholders.

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Stephanie Howe
Associate Director of Human Capital and Operations
Ohio University Voinovich School

Example Projects

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Webinar: Severance Taxes & Wealth Retention in Shale Country

Severance taxes are important sources of revenue to many state governments in the U.S., including Alaska and Texas. This revenue can be used for a variety of purposes such as funding current expenditures or creating permanent trust funds. The shale revolution across Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania has prompted these states to revisit their severance tax policies. This webinar will document the current status of state-based severance taxes across the U.S., summarize the current policy debate, and explore the costs and benefits of imposing new, or increasing existing, severance taxes. Join the webinar on December 6 to hear our expert panelists discuss energy taxes as they relate to regional wealth management and economic development strategies to bolster local economies. Speakers include:

  • Ted Boettner, Executive Director, West Virginia Center on Budget & Policy
  • Wendy Patton, Senior Project Director, Policy Matters Ohio
  • Daniel Raimi, Senior Research Associate, Resources for the Future
  • Moderator : Dr. Daniel Karney, Assistant Professor, Dept of Economics, Ohio University

When: Wednesday, December 6, 2017 12:00-1:30 pm
Register today! https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6297172858755137794
Click here to view the flyer in pdf.

Questions? Contact Elissa Welch at welche@ohio.edu.

Tags: Energy,Policy,Shale

U.S. EPA GHG Reporting Program Outreach

CE3 is working with the U.S. EPA to conduct outreach to Ohio companies whose facilities will be required to report their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions under federal law. The CE3 Policy Team is working to conduct webinars, workshops and online resources that will help to inform this effort.

To visit CE3's Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program Portal, please visit: www.ohio.edu/ce3/ghgrp .

Tags: Policy

Site Repurposing Efforts for the US DOE PORTS Facility

The U.S. Department of Energy former Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant (PORTS) near Piketon, Ohio has been an important economic player in the Pike, Scioto, Ross, and Jackson County region for many decades. As the decommissioning and decontamination process continues at the PORTS site, it is expected that this transition period will lead to further changes in the region’s socio-economic profile. The extent to which decision-makers can minimize transitional stress and maximize the economic prospects for the region hinges greatly upon the cleanup and transfer of the PORTS site and site assets for other economic use.

Through a grant from the US DOE Office of Environmental Management Portsmouth/Paducah Project Office, the Voinovich School’s contributions to PORTS site repurposing efforts build upon findings from the School’s PORTSfuture public outreach task completed in 2011. Under the outreach task, Ohio University conducted a 15-month, broad-based, grass-roots, public participation process to identify the community’s future-use preferences for the PORTS campus. Based upon the community preferences, site repurposing activities are focusing on integrating the results of the public preference voting with the overall plan for the future of the site. The Voinovich School is part of a collaborative team engaged in a data-driven process to identify viable industries to target for site reuse and identify marketing tools aimed at potential future users at PORTS. Energy sector opportunities are explored in the white paper, Energy Sector Opportunities for the PORTS Campus (pdf) . For more information on the PORTSfuture project site repurposing efforts, please visit: http://www.portsfuture.com/siterepurposing.aspx .

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