Center for Entrepreneurship


C-Suite's mission is to enable and empower students to live and grow through creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Through this, we hope to achieve a more connected and innovation-focused community that creates with the goal of changing the world around us. 

C-Suite was founded in 2015 by Alex Kneier and Lori Bentz, now alumni, who has just completed their training as Stanford University Innovation Fellows. The UIF program trains students to bring people together through creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship on campuses across the world, and C-Suite aims to do that on Ohio University's campus. 

As part of a planning grant awared to C-Suite early on, the team was able to visit universities with top innovation programs across the nation, including Lassonde Studios at the University of Utah and the at Stanford to see how they functioned. During these visits, the team payed attention to what worked well, and potentially more importantly, what didn't work. Thanks to this research, C-Suite will apply teh best and most successful practices to our own campus, futher strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem at Ohio University. 

C-Suite will serve as a central hub that united students from all backgrounds and embeds innovation and entrepreneurship into their lives. By facilitating cross-disciplinary collisions and serving as OU's "one stop shop" for access to anything and everythign creative, innovative, or entrepreneurial, C-Suite will be able to enable and empower students to make their own aspirations tangible. 

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