Dylan Drugan


Dylan Drugan coordinates energy efficiency programs across eight states for American Electric Power. He had an undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame, an MBA, and experience in the corporate world. But it was his decision to seek a master’s degree in environmental studies from Ohio University that led him to AEP.

“It gave me the opportunity to get the job,” Drugan said.

Ohio University caught Drugan’s attention because his parents are alumni. It was the strength of the environmental studies program in the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs that tipped the scales.

“The thing that stood out about Ohio’s program was the flexibility to choose the classes that I was most interested in and suited my needs for the career path I wanted to follow,” Drugan said.

While working on his degree, Drugan worked with CE3 , led by fellow MSES alumnus Scott Miller. Part of Drugan’s work involved producing workshops on energy efficiency throughout Ohio. It was during these workshops that Drugan connected with members from AEP’s energy efficiency team, who then offered him a job. Drugan accepted the position and finished his degree in May 2013 by doing practicum work on evenings and weekends.

Now, Drugan combines his business expertise with the knowledge and skills he gained at the Voinovich School to coordinate AEP’s energy efficiency programs in eight states.

“These programs provide incentives for commercial and industrial customers to install more energy efficient equipment,” he said. “I coordinate and service those programs across our territory. There is a lot that goes into running these programs, and I do all the things necessary to keep them running smoothly and efficiently.”

Drugan credits his success to the connections he made at the Voinovich School.

“My work with Scott Miller and CE3 helped me better understand the energy industry, utilities and the economics behind it all,” Drugan said. “It was a great experience — I have nothing but positive things to say.”

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