Jackie Kloepfer

Research Associate, Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs

Jackie KloepferWhile many alumni of the Environmental Studies program at the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs unearth employment opportunities in various settings, some remain with the incredible work happening at the school. Jackie Kloepfer is one of those students.

Kloepfer received her undergraduate degree in anthropology with a minor in geography from Ohio University. She took a few years off and explored the world in various positions. In her time away from school, she took roles as an archaeology field technician, lab technician, and special accounts manager.

Her adventures even took her to Nevada, where she worked as an AmeriCorps Crew Leader. There she trained more than 20 people on the fundamentals of trail building and maintenance, and managed a 10-person crew on the construction of 11 miles of equestrian trail.

Wanting to further her skills and understanding of geographic information systems (GIS), Kloepfer returned to Ohio University to complete her Master of Science in Environmental Studies (MSES) at the Voinovich School. During this time, she took on positions of GIS intern and GIS graduate research assistant with the School.

Kloepfer found a niche in the Voinovich School and began to do work under environmental studies faculty Dr. Derek Kauneckis after her graduation. Within a few months, she became a part-time research associate.

“The opportunity to apply my GIS skills to environmental issues in public policy and local governance encouraged me to want to work for the Voinovich School,” Kloepfer said.

In her continued time at the school Kloepfer enjoys the opportunity to present at conferences, work closely with the current MSES students, and continue to grow her knowledge and skills of GIS.Kloepfer is one example of a graduate who needn’t look too far from home to find a way to apply her knowledge from the MSES program.

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