Dr. Harold Perkins, Associate Professor
Clippinger 109

Office Hours:Tuesday 3:00-5:00 and Wednesday 1:00-3:00 or by appointment

Ph.D., U. of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, 2006

My research focuses on urban political ecology and environmental (in)justice. I study urban environments including forest, parks, and waterways to examine underlying processes that create uneven and deeply disempowering relations to nature within neoliberal forms of capitalism. More specifically, I employ a political economy perspective to delve more thoroughly into the complex issues of urban environmental governance in the wake of state retrenchment, where multiple actors assume responsibility for environmental service provision. I am also interested in the political status of nonhuman organisms within capitalist urbanism.

Courses Taught:
  • Geography 6500: Seminar in Environmental Justice
  • Geography 5000: Geographical Research and Writing
  • Geography 4560/5560: City and Environment
  • Geography 3250/5250: Political Geography
  • Geography 1400: Introduction to Environmental Geography
  • University College 1900: Learning Community Seminar in Geography
Representative Publications

Perkins, H.A. 2013. “Consent to Neoliberal Hegemony through Coercive Urban Environmental Governance.” International Journal of Urban and Regional Research . 37(1): 311-327.

Perkins, H.A. 2011. “Gramsci in Green: Neoliberal Hegemony through Urban Forestry and the Potential for a Political Ecology of Praxis.” Geoforum . 42(5): 558-566.

Perkins, H.A. 2010. “Capital, Subsistence, and Lakeside Violence: Walleye Wars and the Killing of Cormorants in the North Woods” Human Geography . 3(1): 89-107.

Perkins, H.A. 2010. “Greenspaces of Self-interest within Shared Urban Governance.” Geography Compass . 4(3): 255-268.

Perkins, H.A. 2009. “Out from the (Green) Shadow: Neoliberal Hegemony through the Market Logic of Shared Urban Environmental Governance.” Political Geography . 28(7): 395-405.

Perkins, H.A. 2009. “Turning Feral Spaces into Trendy Places: A Coffee House in Every Park?” Environment and Planning A . 41: 2615-2632.

Link to complete CV .

Selected Student Projects:

Katharine Campbell (Geography), Thesis title: “New Territories of Equality: Conceptualizations of Climate Justice in International Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations” May 2013.

Kevin Blank (Geography), Thesis title: “Downtown Appalachia: Revitalization and Green Governance in Charleston, WV” June 2012.

Mia DeNardi (Geography), Thesis title: “Symbols and Identity in Siena, Italy” June 2012.

Michelle Kozlowski (Geography), Thesis title: “Environmental Justice in Appalachia: A Case Study of C8 Contamination in Little Hocking, Ohio” June 2012.

Mary Leciejewski (Environmental Studies), Thesis title: “Environmental Justice in Appalachia: A Comprehensive Study of a Proposed Strip Mine in Bern Township, Ohio” June 2012.

Eliza Clarke-Thrush (Geography), Thesis title: “Wetland Regulation and Mitigation: A Case Study from Twinsburg, Ohio” August 2009.

Kevin S. Fox (Geography), Thesis title: “Circumscribing the Genius Loci: Free Speech Zones in the Heart of Campus” June 2008.

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