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Current Exhibitions

The Wisle family in front of their octagonal house in Custer County, Nebraska, 1904.  Solomon Butcher, photographer (Nebraska State Historical Society).

House Proud: Portraits of the American Home

September 22 - December 17
House Proud explores the visual culture of homeownership and homemaking within the United States. Selected materials will include photographs from the Kennedy Museum’s collection, archival photographs, historical film and television footage, and a new photo series commissioned specifically for the exhibition. ... Read More

Image: Melissa Riggs, 2015, Stirling Ultracold

Sighting Progress: The Voinovich School 10th Anniversary Photojournalism Exhibition

October 20 - April 1
Sighting Progress brings together for the first time the images showcasing the legacy and impact of Ohio University’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, to mark the tenth anniversary celebration of its founding. The exhibition features photography by Voinovich School Photojournalism Fellows, a partnership with the School of Visual Communications, to visually share the stories of select projects from throughout the School’s 10-year existence. ... Read More

Dylan Beck, Cloud Fracula , 2015, ceramic, unfired glaze, various petroleum products, wood 

Tactic II

October 26 - December 17
The exhibition Tactic II showcases selected ceramic artists representing a growing shift toward the incorporation of non-ceramic materials in ceramic art. ... Read More

Sue Coe, What's Your Cut?, 1989, etching

Collection of Kennedy Museum of Art

Expression and Repression: Contemporary Art Censorship in America

October 26 - December 17
This Honors Tutorial College student thesis exhibition explores how selected contemporary artists have been affected by censorship after the height of the "culture wars" (1980s to 1990s) in the United States. ... Read More


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