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Before Orientation

Advising is always available to students before, during and after the Orientation process. Before Orientation, we encourage all students to be active in preparing for their college career. We encourage for students to take the time to think about majors, look through the Course catalog, read about some classes and understand requirements.

During Orientation

We advise – you decide! This is the time for students to ask all the questions they have about scheduling, classes and majors.

  • Orientation Leaders introduce students to all the resources they need to start looking at classes to build their schedule.
  • Each student will have an advisor to help further pick out classes appropriate for their academic track.
  • Our Orientation Leaders and Academic Advisors have all the tools necessary to make certain each student is going into their first semester with a complete and appropriate schedule.
  • Every student will leave with a complete and appropriate schedule.
  • At this time, Orientation Leaders and advisors are happy to answer any questions parents may have about their student’s schedule.

Thank you parents for your continued support. After your students advising session, you will have a chance to meet up with them. At this time, their academic advisor will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have! See your program schedule for more information.

After Orientation

Students will have full access to change their schedule if needed, but we encourage you to consult your academic advisor. If at any point after the Orientation process students have questions about their current schedule, how to change their schedule or have any uncertainties, they are encouraged to contact an Academic Advisor.

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